Tuesday, June 8, 2010

DEATH's 1991 album: HUMAN

Hooolleee shit almighty am I ever stoked on rediscovering this album!

This is one of those bands from back in the day that I completely forgot about. You know, from before the days of the grand old internet when you had to ACTUALLY LEAVE YOUR HOUSE TO GO TO VARIOUS RECORD SHOPS AND LOOK THROUGH TONS OF STUFF TO FIND WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR. Which may sound like a huge fucking hassle BUT AT LEAST YOU WEREN'T JUST SITTING IN FRONT OF A FUCKING COMPUTER ALL DAY. Not to mention all the other rad shit you would find and cool people you'd meet that you WOULDN'T HAVE TO AUTOMATICALLY ADD AS FACEBOOK FRIENDS FOR FEAR OF THEM TAKING IT PERSONALLY..

Right, anyways- I first bought this album probably like a year after it came out on CASSETTE TAPE (which BTW I still totally miss) at Bleeker Bob's if I'm not mistaken. I saw that they were in the metal section and well, their name was 'Death'. At that age that's really all it took to convince me since WE DIDN'T EVEN HAVE LISTENING STATIONS. However it turned out to be an awesome purchase since they are hella wicked fucking good! Which probably has something to with the fact that they're considered by most as being one of the original founding bands of the Death Metal genre. Check it:

Pretty bitchin' huh..?!

Unfortunately I somehow managed to lose said tape a while after I got it. Probably got itself stolen but most I likely lost whilst in a stoney haze in the woods behind my parents house somewhere. I tried to find a replacement and or something else of theirs to no avail. There would be a spot for them in the shops racks but they were always empty dammit! I remember when the internet first came out I tried searching around for it but let's be honest, the internet was severely lacking back then. I mean, google didn't exist yet so you can't even imagine how dark and drab life was. All we had was what, Ask Jeeves and freaking Lycos. Fuck, those STILL suck for christ sake! Not to mention searching for 'death' wasn't exactly going to turn up many positive results dare I say..

For the longest time I totally forgot about my frustrating search until I was recently reminded of them and their blisteringly amazingly, melodicly, mathy, thrash metally, deathly, radness via freaking youtube of all places. I know, I know. Here comes the internet to save the day right? God damn fffffucking internet! I swear it's not much longer til the singularity get's all Terminator on our asses..

Once I found them and knew what some of the song titles and album names were I was FINALLY able to do a proper search. So here's a few more songs:

That last one certainly has the familiar odor of Iron Maiden's Seventh Son of a Seventh Son if I'm not mistaken..

In any case, I was never too super into the more growly/throaty/creepy voice thing but for whatever reason, I dig the hell out of these guys..

aaaannd just to add insult to injury as it pertains to what can only be taken as an incredibly hypocritical interwebs bitch rant now, here's a link to the same torrent I used to download the ENTIRE DISCOGRAPHY even tho I haven't really had time to listen to the rest of the albums. Check em out when you get a chance. They're fucking AMAZING!


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julian said...

Man, I am a huge Death fan, I remember when this and "Individual thought patterns' came out, they were just the best! i never dug Obituary or any of that death metal 'cause I had Death and that was enough.