Friday, May 14, 2010

Check out this AWESOME mini ALAN Roadie!

My buddy Alan sent it to me and was saying it would be awesome to name a kid Alan just so he'd have an ALAN to ride when he's just a youngin'..


Also not cheap so it's not happening unfortunately. Otherwise I'd LOVE to own this sweet mini machine! Shit, I'd ride it around for the hell of it myself :-)

Oh and in other logo news, he also sent me this new idea for a palindrome logo version:

That's just like a super quick rendering he did BTW. Fucking SICK idea tho right?! I tried messing around with it a bit but my brain is seriously melted from all the logo BS I've been thinking WAY too much about lately..

Another reader sent me his bored at work version of my original one:

Thanks a bunch Bernard!

It def looks cool but it's a bit too smooth and slick lookin' for me. If I HAVE to have a logo it needs to have a more janky uneven hand drawn look to it. Just seems like a better fit that way..

In any case, I'm really stoked on everyone's input and ideas so thanks again to everyone who's lent a hand!



Craig said...

I really like that rendered one. it's like a ambigram. very cool.

EM said...

Yeh, the palindrome is pretty sick.

Cort said...

Gucci-esque. Which I feel is appropriate for your level of taste.