Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bicycle Fetish Day 2010!

Like every year, Bicycle Fetish Day goes off without a hitch and is an awesome day with lots of entertainment, bikes and nerdy friends. This year was the biggest turnout yet! WAY more vendors than ever before and like, 3 times as many people as usual- it was awesome!! I actually had such a great time I didn't even really take that many photos. Here's a few of my favs:

This dude's shaved ice rig was REDONK!

Johnny Coast in the foreground there scopin' it out..

The homies were also scopin' it on it too. I got the feeling like they weren't sure how they felt about it. That or they knew EXACTLY how they felt about it..

Here's a quick video of the Marching band too:

The Mini Tall Tarck won for best tall bike which I was stoked on! More so when I realized there was actually an awesome prize to boot:

Fuuuuck yea, an Outlier shirt and cap- AWESOME! It's funny cause I was thinking of getting one of the hats at the Jumble but they ran out of my size/color. Bitchin'! The shirt may seem pricey but MAN.. Shit iiiiiiiiiz cozy!!

All in all, an awesome day..

More snaps from the day on my flickr set..

Sorry I didn't post these sooner BTW. Got a lot going on these last few days and I'm having a hard time catching up. SO looking forward to this Memorial Day weekend!! Not only is it.. but I'm taking Friday off and heading down to Philly to shoot gunz, eat cheese steak sammichs and stop in to the various rad bike shops to say what's up and possibly pick up a few odds and ends. Then head over to the Jersey shore (no not that Jersey Shore or anywhere near it) to chillax at the beach. Prolly just hang at home Sun and Mon to finish up my new BBQ grill I'm building and serve up some tasty treats come Monday afternoon..



smellsofbikes said...

That shot of the guy on the BMX halfway up the side of a building is amazing.

CyclingWMD said...

Thanks man!