Tuesday, April 20, 2010

RIP Guru from Gang Starr!!

So bummed to hear about his passing! While I'm not the hugest fan of hip-hop there were an undisputed few that stuck out more than most. Gang Starr was one of them. I first heard their music in Eric Koston's part in 101's Falling Down in 1993:

His part is last but whether you've seen it already or not just watch the whole fucking thing. It's always refreshing to watch some of the great old school videos to take a break from all the overproduced ones that are out there today. Don't get me wrong, I dig em but when I watch shit like that it reminds me of a time when skating wasn't this huge monster it's become over the last decade or so..

Also, here are a few other Gang Starr hits:

Holy shit I've never actually seen that video before- AMAZING! AC 92' IN DA HOUWWWSSSEEE!!!

Great shit, good times!

RIP Guru..

Sheeeyytt, RIP to hip hop in general these days! Nearly all of it is fucking TERRIBLE!!