Thursday, April 1, 2010

Okay, I'm officially DONE with cycling: ALL MY BIKES FOR SALE!!!

That's right folks, I'm hangin' this shit up and putting em all on the chopping block REAL SOON!

I don't know what to tell all ya'll. Just lost my desire for this shit and am fed up with having to deal with the pressure of riding all the time even when I'm not in the mood. Not to mention blogging about this shit ALL. THE FUCKING TIME.. It used to just be about fun and building silly two wheeled contraptions but everyone's too cool for school and too tough for toilet paper attitudes have been getting me down. It's something that's been on my mind for a while now and despite my best efforts to suppress these feelings, it's high time I move on..

The proceeds from all the bikes and part sales will go towards my saving up for a whirl wind tour around the globe to spend some time exploring both myself and the world before coming back to NYC and da Jerz to start a new life. My main goal will be to contemplate my next career move along with leaving as thick a trail of illegitimate children as humanly possible!

So goodbye and farewell for everyone who enjoyed this blog, my various hijinks and ebaylicious splendor over the years! This will be one of the last posts for this blog but I do plan on starting a totally new one in the coming weeks documenting my various journeys and adventures. Future bastard mothers beware!!

Oh and BTW, OF COURSE totally joking! I mean, come on- I just HAD to have a little April Fools Day fun this year!! Seriously folks, AHM IN DIS SHIT FO LYFE YO!!! In fact, the moment I publish this post I'm going to go get a freakin' 1/8th campy chainring tattooed on my forehead!

So no, of course I'm not quitting you fucking dumbass and no I'm not selling any of my bikes either! Despite the fact that I haven't spent a dime on anything else aside from weed and a sowing kit to repair the rags I call a wardrobe..


..or at least until the IRS catches up with me :P



Craig said...

I got excited and was hoping i'd be able to scoop up the most recent tall bike for myself....jerk.

Anonymous said...

Agh! You should've made the post more serious and not told us you were joking! Would've been a great joke.

CyclingWMD said...

aaaahaha, I'm sorry man I just couldn't resist! Tho if you're interested in one of those I'd be happy to build another one if you like. Just send me the frames :-)

CyclingWMD said...

Oh man I was tempted to go that far but it would've been SO fucked up of me, hehehe!

Anonymous said...

one less hipsta :D

monkey said...

damn that was good i was about to tell the missus the wedding was off so i could use the money to buy your kick ass Yamaguchi

Anonymous said...

Nice try, but I knew it was a joke. You're in too deep, buddy. You got the bike bug, bad, my friend. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

aprils fool :D

Crankee said...

Damn. And I had my eye on that Bilenky "Hetchins Tribute" bike.