Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hooo-leeee-sssSHIT, this guy is my fucking HERO!

Someone on the NYC fixed board tossed up a link to this dude in Sweden building up his own custom Porteur bike and the way he goes about it with only hand tools for the most part is nothing less than INSPIRING!

Just to give you a glimpse into his ingenuity:

Be sure to scope the thread out when you get a chance to see the rest of it along with the finished product. Freaking thing comes out great!

I mean fuck man, I've essentially got all the same shit right now! The only thing that's really been holding me back is my desire of a refresher course with handling a torch set-up safely. That and some tubing and brazing rod of course. Damn.. Gotta snap to it like ASAP!



simon said...

Just get into it, there is a stack of info on safe set up on the internets - vids on yootoob. I built my forst 2 frames in a shed without power or lights, just a set files, sandpaper, ruler, hacksaw vice, bench, string and a battery powered drill (luxury haha). Sounds like the only thing stopping you is you.
Just remember to preheat everything nice and even and you'll be fine.

CyclingWMD said...

Naw, you're right man. Just need to find the time and stop buying bike shit long enough to get my ass in gear!

barnyard said...

yeah, just get a tube/lug set from ceeway ( or one of the us suppliers. i did it with very little experience and hardly any tools, just asked loads of questions when i got my torch/gas, read up loads (paterek) and started. my frame+fork haven't fallen apart yet!! and I'm getting ready for more...