Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Got a bunch of FAPTASTIC ebay finds for yer ass!

RAD Land Shark that just popped up:

Starting bid just $666!

wwwWICKED sexy paint job on this Pinerello:

GOLD Campagnolo ICS road group:

I'm pretty sure those last two are from that Phil guy that everyone loves to hate for overpricing the living fuck out of everything he posts..

Random French TT bike with some really great parts!

The same seller also has this just plain FUCKING STUPID Tandem Colnago Ferrari MOUNTAIN BIKE:

I don't know about you guys but those Ferrari bikes are just like, the dumbest thing ever. It's like, oh gee can I please spend three times as much as I normally would on an overpriced Colnago just because of a fancy pants BS paint job and the Ferrari logo on it? PLEASE?! Fucking retards.. Dude has a bunch more for sale as well..

I esp enjoyed this sellers use of an Aerospoke on the front of his Ferrari MTB:

This is what I would describe as a quadra-loser. 1) Bought a ghey ass Ferrari bike AND NEVER RODE IT 2) Threw a ghey ass aerospoke on the front only 3) Admits to loseing $2000 on the sale of it 4) Most likely will not sell and will keep relisting on ebay until the cost of all the auction insertion fees are equal to that of the asking price.. Grade A Douche here folks- DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU OR YOUR LOVED ONES!!!

Last but not least, my favorites being these two auctions for a MATCHED SET of 1986 J. P. Weigle with Brian Baylis paint Track and Road bikes- SO SICK!!!






Lastly, a word of sound advice: DO. NOT. under ANY circumstances. Get mind obliteratingly stoned and watch any Lady Gaga videos for if you do, you'll undoubtingly find yourself staring down at the same shameful abyss I'm currently reaching terminal velocity in.. it in 1080p on a big screen if you do tho! Freaking video has GOT to be THE most amazing thing I've seen in a really long time. I mean that in a sort of- WOW we're actually LIVING in an Idiocracy world RIGHT. NOW. kinda way. Fucking brilliant!




The ferrari guy an idiot...the other,i cant believe that people actually buy from him..

Anonymous said...

Awesome, I always wondered where I could find a pair of bar end plugs for 40 bucks!

Jacob said...

that land shark is a STEAL at that price!

peterabbit said...

Man those Weigles are sexy. Don't know if I should be happy that they're so pretty or sad because they've never been ridden.
Or even sadder because the track bike might end up with riser bars and deep vees.

That french TT bike has some insane parts on it. I think those spaceline brakes aren't made out of metal, kind of like modolo kronos. Those nitto bullhorns handlebars are super rare as well, go for $ on Yahoo Auctions.