Monday, March 22, 2010

Ghibli Disc on ebay- Prolly approved!

Aaahahaha, I'm sorry man but you have to admit showing up in an ebay auction for a Campy Ghibli disc is pretty amazing!

Keep the harsh words to yourself BTW people! While it might be pretty obvious that I'm not super into the whole fixed freestyle thing I'm not against it either. A lot of haters like to give Prolls shit but it's only because a good percentage of them can't take even a 10th of the credit for doing anywhere near as much to help promote interest in cycling than he has. I guarantee that 90% of the kids who get into freestlying on fixies also get into other forms of cycling. This is DEF not a bad thing in the least! It certainly also helps that John is probably one of the nicest guys I've ever met in the cycling world. Lord knows I can't be that person- I'm WAY too much of a bitter and jaded asshole for that shit! So keep up the good work Prolls and I'll see you around town or at the next Peels.. enough with the Merckx's already and get a proper custom you ghey fag!



Prolly said...

khamsin disc... you ghey fag!


Anonymous Agent said...