Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ant Bike Mike's Custom Folder Stolen at NAHBS!

For those of you locals and visitors in Richmond this weekend, be on the look out for Mike's Custom Folder! It's a light blue version so be sure to keep that in mind..

The very LAST anyone should have to worry about at a big ass bike show is their bike being stolen- SO LAME!!!

Sorry to hear it Mike! Hope it turns up somewhere soon!!



Ben's Cycle said...

Interbike this last year was the same way...people stealing sh1t.
You have to nail everything down.
Really a shame.

Velocity said...

Same thing for us at Ibike last year...albeit on a smaller scale. Dudes (or dudettes) stole lock nuts and lock rings off all the track hubs we had in our booth. LAME! I'll tell my main thugs down at NAHBS to keep their eyes open. "Don't steal bikes bro!"