Thursday, January 21, 2010

Remember those Cheap-ish lugs I got recently?

Well I checked back with the seller a little while ago and he had some nice Track Dropouts as well now:

I then asked him if he had any other components available and he sent me this:

So along with the Track ends I got myself a set of Stem lugs as well:

Total came to $66 bucks for everything + shipping..

Now all I need is some tubing, brazing materials and to quit getting high long enough to be productive again..



Phil said...

Those are pretty sweet looking. I might recommend you get a bunch of crap tubing (cut up old bikes) and some stupid cheap lugs to practice on first. Braze them up, then cut them apart to make sure you got good penetration. There I said that word...penetration.

Deflux said...

Do the drop outs come with screws to use as axle tensioners?

CyclingWMD said...

Phil - Yeah man, I was def planning to mess around with a couple of street find junkers before moving on to these lugs. I'm half tempted to use the tubing from said junkers for the actual first build just to keep the expense down..

Deflux - No they don't but I figure it shouldn't be to big a deal to procure a set..