Sunday, January 24, 2010

RAD Paramount MTB in NOS Cond and more!

Check out the bitchin' paint job too:

Speaking of vintage MTBs, check out this Rensho:

Same dude also has a 1985 Stumpjumper too:

Sweet Waterford Track:

Awesome LADIES Gios:

The same seller also has this WAY sexy Merckx Corsa Extra in NOS cond:

Along with a whole bunch of other good shit..

All of which is unconscionably overpriced but still fun to look at..

Awesome Pogliaghi tandem:

UPDATE: Speedbicycles just tossed this awesome Pinarello up:

ANOTHER UPDATE: This dude just posted a Merckx stem FS and check out what he put it on for example:


1 comment:

Surly Dave said...

That tandem rocks. And I would give a kidney for a vintage steel colnago.