Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A new production adustable stem that's AFFORDABLE?!! Really??!!!

Most of you know that I have a HUGE fetish for adjustable stems. Many a time have I wondered when someone would catch on and start producing new and cheaper ones for all to enjoy. I noticed over on the prollmeisters blog that Livery Design Gruppe came out with one of their own:

On a bike:

From Livery:

New fillet brazed stems in stock. We hand braze these stems then polish and chrome plate them. We then CNC a chunk of aluminum that holds the bars in place.

-Quill Length is Adjustable from 0-120MM

-Will accommodate bars from 25.4-26.0mm

$119.99 per set. Shown on customer’s bike with out pursuit bars (400mm width, heat treated aluminum bars).

To me they most closely resemble a mix of a Schwinn Paramount Adjustable stem and Phillipe Adjustable stem..

Here's some other examples in order: Major Taylor, Philippe, Pivo, 3ttt, Cinelli and Nitto

While I'll most likely stick with my vintage stems, I will say that I totally dig what they've got going on there. Esp the opposing end double allen key bolt design on the stem clamp! That little innovation would def take the fun out of wondering if you'd tightened down the stem clamp enough or not, hehe..

The one thing I'd like to see them do differently, and this is totally nit picking, is to make the bar/stem clamp block out of steel instead of aluminum. Just so it could be ooey gooey chomey goodness all over instead of the duller aluminum finish. I suppose to you could polish the aluminum but it just wouldn't compare to the chrome finish..

So if you want to avoid the hefty price tag of a vintage adjustable stem and have a brand spanking new one that also kicks ass, this is DEF it!



Catnap said...

heya it's catnap - do think that livery stem would look silly on my Colnago Mexico? see here for pics: djcatnap.com

CyclingWMD said...

Yo man! Not sure. I mean, from the looks of it you've got a super nice vintage ride going on there. If you were to toss a bright and shiny new piece on it by itself it might look out of place. I know we share the same weakness for adjustable stems so if you end up getting one of these Livery stems let me know. I'd love to see one in person! What size is that frame BTW? Looks like a 55/56..