Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'm kinda diggin' on..

..Candy Crank's new whip:

I'm not sure if I like more because it looks super hott itself or because it kinda turns me on in a nerdy way to think that a cute chick put as much time, money and effort into building up a proper custom..

In any case, there's plenty more info on her build here..



ant1 said...

sweet chain. i especially like how the chain/seatstays are white from the hub to the tire only. nice touch.

Chaim said...

I think this bike is way overrated.. the only good thing about it is that a hot girl (probabely let someone else) build a "cool" bike.

CyclingWMD said...

HA! I'm glad someone said that cause I was kinda thinkin' the same thing. The thing about pretty girly bikes is that they have the added appeal of snatch tossed in there that screws with your opinion of them. It could be like a super small bland chrome Pista but if you know a chicks rides it (via pink grips) you're like- COOL BIKE!

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does the headbadge for candy cranks look alot like the cannondale logo?

Roo, Washington Heights-NYC

Meg said...

Hello, I came here to thank you for the lovely post on my bike, but was a bit taken back to see these comments.

I can assure you I sourced every single part of that bike myself. My partner built the frame to my specifications, I chose the lugs, forks, colours, took the frame and all the parts to the enammellers, designed and hand painted the chainring myself.

I sourced everything else online and purchased a good deal of the parts in Tokyo.

I've worked in a bike shop for 2 years, and run a frame building business. I'm not by any stretch claiming to know it all but I do know about bikes. So no, I did not let someone else 'build me a cool bike'.

That's some seriously outdated stereotypes of women you have going on there.

Anonymous - Cannondale logo? Yeah it's just you.

CyclingWMD said...

Meg - I'm really sorry if some of the comments offended you in any way. Just to be clear, when I was responding to Chaim's overrated comment. Not to say you're bike isn't hott as fucking hell cause I sure as shit wouldn't have posted it if I hadn't. I was more like addressing the amusing and twisted concept that dudes can have when viewing cute girly bikes of any caliber. Also, I do not in any way doubt that you built that fucker on your own. I know you know your shit and I read your post on it. I just apologize for not coming across more clearly in my response to his statement..

Here's the thing about the stereotypes tho, and this of course can be transferred to any sterotype out there you can possibly think of: Stereotypes exhist for a reason, while it may be wrong to make assumptions of people you don't know personally, a good portion of the time they're just plain true. I'm not even trying to be a dick by saying that either. That's just how it is..

What I want you, and all of the other (2) ladies who read this blog to keep in mind, is that if I honestly was the non respecting of women type, I just wouldn't have bothered posting OR responding to your comment. I actually have a lot more respect for women than most men I know along with caring very much about the women that are close to me. The thing they understand and appreciate about me is that I don't try to sugar coat things or edit myself in front of them. I feel as though a good portion of the men out there who keep their mouths shut about their dirty thoughts WHICH ALL OF THEM HAVE NO MATTER HOW NICE THEY TRY TO COME ACROSS AS BEING and or comments about women, touting responsibility, respect and PCism for them, are usually only doing is as a means to an end. That end generally being getting what they want by being overtly sensitive. I personally find that WAY more insensitive and scummy than cracking a dirty joke here and there because after all, not only are women are wwwway nastier when it comes to that sort of thing, but they can come right back at us fellas with some really great and often much witter comments than our dumbasses can come up with..

The aesthetic of my blog while coming off as being super snobby and asshole-ish at times, is about being brutally honest. I'm not here to be some super mega ultra positive friendly guy who posts every fucking thing that everyone sends me. There's PLENTY of other blogs out there that are already great places to spread awareness. So while I'm not against it, it's just not what I'm trying to do here. The very last thing I want to do is be a phony by posting shit I'm honestly not into. I really despise overly PC positivity in that it allows mediocrity and lack of ambition to run rampant in people, rather than setting a higher standard of achievement to give people something much better and satisfying to strive for. I believe as someone who has the ear of a decent number of people, it's my responsibility to filter out all the refuse and not waste their time or skew their judgment into buying something they really don't need, or thinking something's cool when it's actually really lame and or a complete rip-off of Andy Warhol which everything seems to be these days..

That and I try to stick with the nerdier side of things with rare parts and other great vintage and NOS gear. I suppourt all cycling community events etc but again, that's not what people come here to see. They get enough of that on every other blog. I try to keep things as local and personal as I can get. I'm def not trying to harp on what other blogs are about, I support them as well as everyone can see on my blog roll.. CONTINUED IN NEXT COMMENT!

CyclingWMD said...

So once again, I sincerely apologize for having offended your undoubtedly good nature. If it's any consolation I've been fucked with plenty of times personally and knowing very well how awful that feels. Hence my taking it upon myself to write a thorough apologetic response. If there's any way I can make it up to you, please let me know and I'll be sure to go that extra mile..

Chaim said...

Hi there meg, i first also want to apologize on questioning the fact whether or not you did build your bike or have the "knowledge" about bikes.

Though i still stand with the comment i made earlier.. I think (and thats where the different opinions come in and makes this whole deal difficult) that a bike shouldn't be about a pink B43 with matching tyres and chubhub with also matching Aerospoke. These fashion "items" are so common these days that all these bikes look alike. It's just like all the fancy nike air max 1 colorways, they all look the same!

Like mr. CyclingWMD i also focus more on the nerdier side of things (like getting your bike period correct with the right parts, looking up the history of certain brands and parts and the everlasting hunt for that certain frameset, part, decal, etc.) That's what make a bike stand out for me, not the fact that a bike is fashionable and matches the your clothes you're wearing at the moment or whatever. Bikes are not fashion items..