Monday, December 14, 2009

1988 50th Anniversary Paramount Track frame FOR SALE!

Pics first, deets later!

1988 50th Anny Paramount built by Waterford
-55cm CTC ST, 55.5cm CTC TT
-Columbus SLX tubing
-Suntour Suberbe bottom bracket and headset
-Chrome Shimano dropouts and fork ends
-Serial #W L88046
-27.2 seat, 120 rear spacing

The Story of this frame is that it was bought NOS, ridden for a couple of years, then sold to someone else who rode it for a couple years, then sold to a friend of mine. We built it up quick and tested the fit on my trainer but it just isn't going to work out for her size wise. So here it is, up for sale again!

It's still in really lovely condition with the obvious wear and tear from being assembled and ridden. No crashes and nothing other than a some cosmetic damage here and there. Most of it is clear coat level scratches or chips with there being one small chip down to the steel which is pictured here..

Looking for $600 which INCLUDES the Suntour Superbe Headset and BB in good working condition. Shipping within the US should be in the neighborhood of $50

If you're interested email me at:

Larger photos available on my flickr set along with this snap of the previous owner's build..


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The Shed Master said...

These are sweet frames - I've got a 50th in red, full Record.