Sunday, November 29, 2009

This Thanksgiving weekend I spent a lot of time..

..playing with Carbon Fiber and I have to say, it's an interesting material and or medium to work with. Like metal, it is stiff, strong and relatively forgiving. It also makes a wicked mess in the form of carbon dust that gets all over EVERYTHING whenever you cut or file away at it:

Scary, aren't I..?

Scary handsome that is - BAH!

No seriously, I'd fuck me if I was a chick.. when I wasn't fucking, other, super, hot, chicks of course..

Right, anyways.. I was fortunate enough to procure a few broken road frames from my LBS to play with. Alas, I have reached the end of my supply's usefulness and am in need of some more. I looked online and found that you can purchase pieces but 1) I'd really rather not have to buy the shit only to bugger it up later since I'm still in the experimental phase and 2) Fuckin' shits expensive as fuck!

So.. For those of you who find yourselves with basement access to higher end bike shops specializing in broken carbon fiber frames slated for the trash, or perhaps even something of your own that you'd like to see new life breathed into, please let me know. I'd def pay for shipping and toss something your way for the effort..



gabrielamadeus said...

Shawn from ruckus is super cool, and he's done some carbon repairs. If you want to nerd out, he'd probably be psyched.

CyclingWMD said...

Oh nice one man, thanks! I'll def hit him up if I have any questions..

Crankee said...

Shit! Wouldn't want to ride pass you in a dark alley that's for sure. Like the facial grease though. Nice touch.

Sam said...

I work at this shop

Sometimes we have broken frames that make me very sad to discard. If we get another one I'll try to remember to let you know.

Most busted carbon is warrentied or crash-replaced (back to the factory). But, sometimes, we get a jewl... sometimes.

Anonymous said...

That is one thick beard! And yr eyebrows look kinda grey...

I appreciate that you posted a photo of yourself. Like they say, a picture's worth a thousand words.