Friday, November 20, 2009

It's aaaaaall in the details!

There was a conversation yesterday on the NYCfixed board about fork crowns on 3Rensho's and I promised to make some snaps of mines to post up for people to see. Not sure why I never really bother taking more of these type of shots when I'm actually photographing my bikes. In any case, I started with some snaps of the 3Rensho and figured, welp, got my janky ass light set up going already.. Might as well take some more! Just keep in mind that not only am I SO NOT a studio photographer and I was a liiiiitle stoney when taking these. You'll just have to forgive me for the poor lighting quality going on with them. There's also a lot of dirt the Macro lens picks up on so yes, I do ride my bikes and no, I don't really like spending too much time cleaning them up.. Aside from that- enjoy!

I somehow completely spaced on taking some of the Nagasawa :(


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Anonymous said...

Love the closeup of the bilenky! Wicked lugs.