Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hohoooly fuck what about Cypress Hill??!!!


Local NYC peeps need to keep an eye on the background in this one:

Then there's Fu Schnickens which is a group that will be forever synonymous with the name Sean Sheffey:

Then there's the Red Hot Chili Peppers of rap:

Onyx - Slam
Uploaded by bullback.

aaand when they got together with fucking Biohazard:

Not that either of them needed any help from each other since the dudes from Biohazard are pretty fucking scary:

I mean come on, the
impromptu mosh pit across the Brookyln Bridge?! AMAZING!!

Biohazard was like a less talented East Coast version of Suicidal Tendencies:

You Can't Bring Me Down


Then I recognized the Lead Guitarist from Body Count which I couldn't find an actual video for:

Though I did spot this interesting interview with Ice-T on Arsenio:

But if you really want to get into the whole rap/metal mash up thing there's the originals so far as I know:

Run DMC ft Aerosmith - Walk This Way -

TREMULA outta ENA GHEMA | MySpace Video

The latter of which is my personal preference. Though when I think about the genre that these two songs help to nourish I kind of wish they never happened. Just think, you too could have lived a life without the likes of Fred Durst..

Oh. My. God.. I tooootally forgot about this Anthrax song:

Anthrax - Got The Time - Watch more Videos at Vodpod.

The scariest part of which is my memory of a super shitty home made skate/music video I made from the video and me skating with my pop's old VHS camera. It was the biggest POS and if I had a working vcr I might try and dig it up. I've got douche chills runnin' up my spine just thinking about it!

In any case, I hope you've enjoyed this 90's throw back. I think I'll end it here before I get into the really, really awful stuff..



tedpowerphoto said...

dude....evil rap.

tedpowerphoto said...

the pass word for this comment "punrap"...

CyclingWMD said...

OMFG Gravediggaz- YES!!!