Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Double your pleasure, double your fun!

I'm kinda digging on this dual drive set-up from White Industries:

The Double/Double is a unique drive train system the we offer. The system is comprised of a double chainring machined from one piece of aluminum, mated with an ENO crank and a DOS ENO freewheel. The configuration for a 26" wheel bike is offered with a 38/35 big ring mated with a 16/19 freewheel. The 29er configuration mates a 31/34 ring with a 16/19 freewheel. The system works by either running the chain in the outer tooth positions or, alternatively, in the inner tooth positions front to back. The gear ratios are significantly changed when switching from one combination to another, however, the chain length does not need to be altered to accommodate the two differing ratios. Running the ring in the outer position tends to be more suitable for on-road style riding, whereas, riding in the inner ring position lends itself more to off-road riding.

Seen here and here's some more photos from NYCfixed:

Nerdy and CNC Machined to perfection- I dig it!

UPDATE: This is one of Fastboy's jams- More pics here!



gabrielamadeus said...

Love this setup! That photo at the bottom is one of Ezra's new rides: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fastboy/sets/72157622700828311/

((lyledriver)) said...

I'm fairly certain those things are mounted on a fastboy. He's got a thing for those cranks, and those look like his photos.

Lloyd said...
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Lloyd said...

Jeez I didn't know my comment deleting would leave a residue. I just noticed that other people had pointed out that it was a Fastboy after I posted it; felt redundant. Man I love the Patina/paint scheme of that bike; He should do some track bikes like that.

CyclingWMD said...

yeah, sorry man, I was slow with approving comments on this post so the order got all screwy.. Sick bike and drivetrain for surely tho!

Lloyd said...

Oh no worries, I just figured I would explain the deletion, I always wonder when I see deleted comments. Love the blog, keep it up!