Thursday, November 12, 2009

Choose Your Own Adventure Townie Chapter 2: Components!

That's it- The DeBernardi takes it! Time to break out with the cut off wheel, files and fine sandpaper :-D

..or is it???

With a frame picked out it's time to move on to components. There's lots to choose from but take care to choose wisely for there are many potential plot twisting complications around each turn..


What we have here is a set of Paké's, Andel 1.0's and a set of Campy Pista TANDEM cranks. Please note: While the campy cranks are the obvious choice keep in mind that I will have to switch out the axles of either the road or track MKS pedals to make it a right hand drive. The NOS arm in the bag is a matching Tandem Pista arm from a different year. Though the only problem being that the shield on the drive side is closer to the crank bolt hole and is engraved while the NOS one is painted and in the middle. The ugly looking arm is actually a Strada road arm which could use some work but would match more perfectly..


Suntour Superbe 44T or a Sugino 75 44T? (The Campy cranks have a 44 Campy ring on there now)

Yes, using track gear in the front should be fine with a wide ass 7 or 8 speed chain. I can always swap out a ring if need be..

Bars, Brake Levers and Grips:

Some Nitto alloy Northroads style bars or the chrome jammies I took off some junky dutch bike.

The two larger brake levers do not have matching opposing sides for now and the Cane Creek ones would require a slight shim to fit the alloy bars..

Stick with the cork cheapy grips or..?

Seat posts:

Vintage Campy fluted, Vintage Shimano DA fluted (shim needed), Kalloy Suspension, Ti post from an unknown maker..


Cinelli 90mm (needs work), Cinelli 100mm and this wonky Major Taylor stem that also needs a little work..


Vintage Dura Ace, Tange or Campy Brev (missing bottom race)


Vintage Dura Ace or Shimano 600? They both need to be rebuilt/completed..

Bottle cages:

Bottle cage, bottle cage, Whisky Flask holder, Bottle cage..

We all know what the answer to this one is going be you alchy bastards so:

Which flask is it gonna be:

Honey, fake croc or nood..


Vintage stop/pocket watch holder or a wireless WTF ever computer..


All I've got that's worth while is these Campy Athena- ssSHIT.. wait, I've got some similar old Dura Ace single pull ones as well. Spaced on those..


..and so the plot thickens!! Stick with the original plan or take a potential step towards unraveling everything and having to start the whole story over again :-O

Please note that whatever I've left out I either don't have enough to choose from yet or you have no choice in the matter at all..

Chapter 3 has more in store for you than you could possibly imagine! Let's see if ya'll can make it there first..



atanz said...

black andel cranks;
black ring, whatevs;
northroad bars with cane creek levers - remove ano;
DA seatpost;
cinelli 100 stem;
DA headset;
DA derailleur;
flask bottle cage;
stop watch holder;
athena calipers;
right side campy shifter;
black roval wheelset;


morgman said...

I've got those Athena brakes (and the matching 8 speed group). The stock pads honk awesome when they get heated up.