Saturday, October 24, 2009

There's something about coming home to 4 boxes..

..worth of KICK ASS BIKE SHIT from Ben's Cycle that's almost embarrassing in nature. Like you just got caught by a co-worker walking out of a porn store on 42nd street with a big heavy black bag in your hand..

In any case, hooray for more socially acceptable porn!:

Damn this really was a lot of fucking shit!

Larger photo here..

..and yes, I have painted my ENTIRE apartment white :)

Big HUUUUGE hugzn' kizzez to Andy and the rest of the fellas at Ben's Cycle!

There was actually a set of REDONK wheels in there too but they're for a 'Gucci build' I've got coming up soon. Just need to find a good location for the photos..

I'm sure a lot of you are tired of hearing me plug and tout them as one of the best mail order shops out there. Well, you know what? It's because they fucking are and totally deserve it! Anybody who can put up with my dumbass and stupid huge orders deserves a big ass pat on the back. A big part of that comes from the fact that they're all huge cycling enthusiasts! Way more personal and understanding customer service than anywhere else I've ever ordered from. Not to mention their extensive collection of awesome NOS parts and just about everything else you can imagine IN STOCK at all times that has continually made ALL MY BUILDS possible for the last 6+ years..

So once again, many thanks guys! Keep up the kick ass job!!

Now go order some good shit from them and demand that they send me to Japan next summer to take photos of all the kick ass bike shit they've got going on out there for all ya'll!




Looking forward to that GUCCI build,bro.....check your mail shortly...

Anonymous said...

i love those classy foam grips!

Anonymous said...

polish that disc like this one!

CyclingWMD said...

Holy shit dude, yeah, I've seen that a while ago. Polishing it up like that would be SOOOOO SICK! But the paint job is also super rad and I would be sad to polish it all off. maybe if I can find a used one, hehe..