Wednesday, October 28, 2009

There's nothing quite like..

..building a shitty sketch balls kicker ramp from construction site materials while waiting for the paint to dry in your apartment:

..and busting out with some PHATTY ollies:

God damn, landing that fucking ollie felt SO. FUCKING. GOOD. it's not even funny. Though I'm still shocked at how I'm somehow still able to hoist my fat ass up in the air like that despite rarely skating anymore.. and being fat..

More photos from this past sunday by TOOMMMEEEEEEYYYAH on his blugblugblug..

You done a good jyob jyohnson!



Sam said...

Gotta karate kick those ollies Levi Brown style!

That thing looks fun as hell by the way. Sketchy-homemade-almost-impossible-to-skate spots are the best part.

CyclingWMD said...

Oh yeah that kid is retardedly good at sucking the board up like that! The board I'm riding there is all flexy and old. If I had a new one with some grip and the take off ramp wasn't so squirly I probably would've been able to hoist it a tad higher. Still super stoked tho!