Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Stop what you're doing RIGHT NOW..

..and watch these two rad videos from DVS cause the skating is REDONK:

Be sure to watch the Feature first and then Behind The Scenes AFTERWORDS..

Also, the quality is fuken BAD ASS so be sure to go full screen..



Anonymous said...

holy shnits.
dvs sure does take the cake in skate and create.
i mean, wow.
crook up to reverse, i should just quit life now.

CyclingWMD said...

Yeah man, that reverse crooks on that fucked up curved ledge thing was retarded! The synchronized nose blunt slides and that REDONKULOUSLY HIGH backside smith are what torqued me out the most..

Sam said...

Skating has reached a level of total rediculousness after Fully Flared came out. Torey Pudwill had an interview last month with a full cab back lip to back tail kickflip out. WTF?