Friday, October 23, 2009

One of THE nicest most amazing Colnago Pista's you will EVAR see!

..and it's NFS :'(

So. fucking. amazing!!!

Here's some more info from the owner:

It is a 1975 by Colnago details & cutouts, but a 78' by it's Columbus tubing sticker. Italian frame builders at that time were notorious for grabbing whatever was in the shop, and their bikes can be hard to date. It measures 57cm ctc square, Original paint, built with Campagnolo Nuovo Record, with Cinelli track stem & bars covered with Benotto celo tape. All original except for the seat, rims, & tires, which I recently changed to make it more reliable & comfortable. I have ridden fixed gear for over 30 years, and have had this Pista for a very long time. I just recently put it back together and had totally forgotten how beautiful it is. Early to late 70's Italian bikes were true works of art, before they were some what mass produced for the USA market. Everyone tells me I need to hang it on a wall, but I ride it all the time, and don't have plans to sell it.

Thank you VERY MUCH for sharing this sexy beast Pat!

Enjoy it as long as possible and never ever sell it to any of those wall hanging wankers. It should forever be enjoyed and ridden as often as possible.. or at least on Sundays, hehe..

This is def a tough act to follow but I would love to see more pics of your bikes. Check out the 'Cream of the Crop' section on my sidebar and get your shit together!

p.s. - I've got another good one few coming up reeeeeeal soon..



Casey said...

The wheelset ruins the shit out of that bike.

CyclingWMD said...

Meh.. Not that big a deal to me. Then again I can't really help but focus in on that SICK chainring!

Casey said...

You're right. I guess i would have at least gone with some open pro cd's to give the wheel set that hard-anodized nisi, fiamme, F.I.R., or ambrosio look. But, hen it comes right down to it, he owns a Colnago and I don't.

CyclingWMD said...

No doubt man! These days I'm just happy to see a classy frame like that without B43's and riser bars on it..

Patrick said...

The original Campy NR hubs are 28 hole. I wanted a vintage look, but the only modern day 28 hole semi low profile clincher rims were Velocity. I tried my best.

CyclingWMD said...

Oh yeah man, vintage 28 hole stuff can be a pain to locate. Esp in clincher! I'm not super of the period correct only type builds so that shit don't bother me at all. Damn thing is SO NICE as is!