Tuesday, July 21, 2009

U-lock INjustice..?

This is one of those things you might fantasize about inflicting on someone who pisses you off something awful but in light of better judgment, you somehow manage to restrain yourself:

Seen on the NYC fixed forum and Prolls of course..

Now.. I could totally see if that kid had a legitimately good reason to wail on that guy like that. Though it appears that he was merely having a wicked bad day on top of whatever initiated this scuffle and finally decided to take it out on someone. It also appears that he could have just hopped on his bike and rolled away at any time. Not the most satisfying decision but probably for the best..

Shit like this only fuels the fire for those out there who are not sympathetic towards cyclists. I have a hard enough time NOT DYING on the way to work as is thank you very much! Shit like this def won't help make things any easier. I'm sure in the days to come the amount of negativity that this video spawns will be an equivalent to that cop having never tackling that cyclist during critical mass. I can't wait to see what the snob has to say about this shit- man what a deusey!

In any case, this is going to sound like some lame ass PSA type shit but please bare in mind that when you're out there riding and something happens, you speak for all of us. So be sure you have just cause before you whip out a fucking u-lock and even threaten to use it (unless it's a cab). Otherwise it'll only make things worse for the rest of us..



cdub said...

i commute in san francisco daily and most times people are cool, but i have seen my share of stand-offs and fights (critical mass). i've also had close calls, exchanged words in a testosterone rage, on the verge of snapping - and just rode on angry and entitled and unhurt save my feelings. seeing this video shows how a bad decision can play out...

Anonymous said...

Long time reader. This is just wrong. Very wrong. First, the guy was old and second the cyclist could have just left without incident. U-locking an old man just seems crazy to me. This guy did not have his life threatened at all. Use your hands of walk away. Punk bitch move.

FixedNUS said...

Bad thing man!

s said...

Pure cowardice.
The only justified use of a U-lock for something other than securing a bike is to take out the rear view mirror of a car that nearly ended your life. And that only in the most extreme of cases.

kale said...

Seems like with the whole IPhone giving the Starbucks enthusiast an easy way to post images and video of confrontations like this is both a blessing and a curse. I'm not all up on the law and such, and I'm not into a virtual stoning (not the good kind) but this kind of self-surveillance will probably come back to bite all of us at some point. I don't want to condone the cyclist's actions, because he's a punk who aught to have "pussed out" and rode off or used his bike to block the attack (if there was one) or fought with his hands.

I'm already feeling queasy about the anti-cycling cover story the NY Post's going to do.

Fritz said...

Double Edged Sword Mr Kale

New York Cyclists were rightfully
celebratory when they canned that Cop who shoved the guy off his Bike on the Critical mass ride.

If it weren't for that vid that guy would still be putting bikers in the hospital

let the Tapes Roll