Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This is pretty much the raddest conversion grocery getter EVER!

Fuck man this is some seriously genius type customized shit going on here!

From this:

To this:



It must be so pimp rolling through the supermarket with your own wacky self built shopping cart that YOU CAN RIDE HOME ON! So unbelievably rad!!

Great fucking job David! If someone hasn't already pinned a medal on your chest for this shit let me know so I can make and send you one myself..

A million more photos on the whole build here..



d'emploi said...

wow. i haven't checked out fgg for so long.
that's so worth it.
many thanks

garr1s0n said...

mind. blown. That's it, i'm setting up a metal shop in my apartment.

Anonymous said...

Wow, fucking awesome man. Love it. Don't know if I would want one myself (already have a cargo bike), but it's still nice to see some rad ideas.

pedal power!