Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Not sure why this came to mind but..

..I suddenly remembered how stoked I was when I got home from vacation during the summer of 92' and found this video waiting for me:

Birdhouse Projects First video called Feasters

Watch Birdhouse - Feasters in Sports Online | View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com

SO rad, even until this day. Except for Tony's street skating of course..

Not long after receiving Feasters, 101's first promo video showed up:

So super classic!

I still have those tapes and a bunch of other classics lying around somewhere. Oh and who else remembers how inspiring Rosa was from all those Big Brother Magazine Shorty's ads??

Yep, last time I checked most of those fold out posters were still hanging up amongst the remnants of my old darkroom in my parents basement..

Extra bonus points for those of you who can tell me who 'CSG' is..



libertyonbikes! said...

i would have pegged you for some classic Gonz/blind videos. But I'll throw in Kenny Anderson's Audio shoes part, and Girl - mostly due to to those Spike Jonze art types, oh wait - Hensley's breakout video part.......

and Mullen vs Dae Wong (DECA)always leaves me sayin' WTF!

CyclingWMD said...

hehe, naw I def dig all those vids! Those two are just the ones that officially blew me away when I first started skating. The only thing I'd seen prior to that was Skate TV with Skatemaster Tate on Nickelodeon! I learned how to kickflip by watching Jeremy Klien's profile from that show, hehe..

garr1s0n said...

hahaha hooollllyyy shiiiiitt, tony hawk skating street, steve berra in baggy-ass pants, willy santos...late flipping everything?, jeremy fucking klein. i'm pretty sure i had a willy santos board, it was bright green, and i'm pretty sure it was a slick, hahaha. the 90s were so rad

CyclingWMD said...

OMFG I almost forgot about slick boards! I had that Jason Lee Burger board which was a slick and rad. But yeah, the 90's SO RULED!!!

tedpowerphoto said...

fuck yes.

right at the start of 101 dude had the jovante "nighttime' board...that was my favorite deck ever....i had three.

remember z slicks? stick on everslick pieces?

your fucking with my z rollers...

CyclingWMD said...

HA! Z Rollers- SO LAME!! What video is that from again, one of the first Plan B videos or something?

tedpowerphoto said...

yeah at the end questionable..at woodward skatecamp i think its danny way and ronnie bertino?...now if i could only remember my postal code instead of that...

llana50 said...

Willy Santos from my home town San Diego!!
I had a black Label slick board.
I mainly grew up in the 90's, but my first real board was a Rob Roscop.
Suck at skating, but will always be my favorite sport, if you want to call it that.