Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ja sam stigla sigurno!

Meaning I´ve arrived safely!

All three flights went smoothly with the only major bummer being the 5 plus hour layover
in Amsterdam. Mostly because I knew that despite having more than enough time to make a b-line for the nearest pot cafe for a sampling of their finest shubbery, the idea of having to complete the last leg of the trip all toasty and roasty in the company of my ever critical parents didn´t strike me as being the best of ideas. What can I say- between my momziz knee replacement and pops´s pre parkinson hand shake they couldn´t have made the trip without me. Though the bright side is that I FINALLY got to ride on one of those kick ass little electric courtesy cars:

They obviously weren´t as thrilled as I was..

In any case I'm happy to say that after 10 years of not being here the cycling situation has exploded! Well, in the MTB sense. I've seen all of one roadie so far with everyone else being on some sort of hardtail or comfort cruiser. In any case, it's pretty bitchin'.

From what I´ve seen there are now a wealth of riding trails to be explored all over the island with gnarly scenic veiws. Good thing I brought a track bike with me! Fucking retard..

As far as any bike porn goes this is about all I´ve got for ya so far:

The raddest thing being the fact that two days after taking this photo I rolled by it again and it was still sitting there in the exact same position..

Then there was these two canidates:

If they weren´t so rusted the fuck up I´d be tempted to construct something even more useless from them..

Check this shit out though:

The best thing about these two bikes aside from most likely being free would have to be the gorgeously rusted remains of that saddle! That shit looks like something of a cod piece the tin man would've been sporting before Dorithy freed him of his rusted situation..

Anyways, thatÅ› about all I can handle from this ffffffucking PC and wacked out keyboard with all it´s weird ass characters, impossible formatting and swarmy european backpacking internet joint stench all over the place. I´m holding out hope for a free wifi cafe of some sort where I can use my own computes. Now if you don´t mind I´ve got to get back to eye fucking all these unconscionably hott and NATURALLY tanned broads. Christ all mighty there´s more around here than I can wag my dick at!

Hope all is well in the blogishpere otherwise suckaz!



jason said...

pics of the "unconscionably hott and NATURALLY tanned broads" please.

*bonus if you get them while they are on a bike.


We all waiting for a flickr folder of them tanned joints.....