Monday, June 22, 2009

I am just beside myself right now.. shock and awe at how much this old school Dura Ace 10 Inch Pitch group DIDN'T cost me:

$500 hundy for a full group in mint-ish unused condition?! Un-freaking real!!

+$25 for a an extra 16T cog and the chain IS included- sssssUUUper STOKED!

The AX post has gotst ta gizzo tho.. Any takerz?

The funny thing is that not more than a week ago did I consider this group as being perfect for a build I've been stumped on the last couple of months. Only I knew for a fact I would never get my hands on a complete DA10 set in decent condition for anywhere near $500..

God I love being wrong sometimes!

The same seller also has this beautiful 52cm ctt Strawberry Roadie frame for sale as well. I'd pick that shit up in a heartbeat if A) I had the extra cash B) It wasn't a 650c frame and most importantly C) I had a little lady to build it for..

Oh and here's a cool shot of the DA gear from the 1982 Shimano catalog:

Did I mention how totally stoked I am??

Probably the one great thing about having nothing better to do at 3am than cruise around the bay..



Chocobot said...

That is what I paid for my set! new in box! I just have to get some more chains before I mount the thing.

atanz said...

thats a sick group indeed. but what if you mess up your one and only chain!? haha just don't ride it often. can't wait to see the build for this group.

CyclingWMD said...

Chocobot: NICE! Yeah, I feel like I could've gotten a slightly better deal if I waited a little while longer. Though it seems like these days things like this are getting more and more difficult to locate in decent condition. Keep me posted on your chain situation in case I either need a few links myself and I'll be sure to do the same if I find/have some extras..

atanz: Oh yeah man, the chain thing is kinda nerve racking. I don't think it'll get ridden too-too much but you never know. I'm DEF going to keep my eyes out for some NOS chains. BTW How's the Merckx you got for the same price I just paid for this group you lucky fuck?

fieldrecordist said...

Is the post 27.2? How much do you want for it?


CyclingWMD said...

Not sure man. I figure I'll get it in hand and take some decent pics first..

atanz said...

you're going to kill me but about 3 months ago I had a chance to buy 2 complete 10 pitch groups (used on track only) plus fully built wheels (one non 10 pitch) for 500 bucks. I passed it up because of the chain problem, he only had one that was used. the merckx was a better place for my 500 bucks!!

anyway the merckx's is looking good. I threw on a set of MKS RX-1s for now (if I happen across some Superbe's you bet I'll be pickin those up.) still need to order (from Ben's of course) some gatorskins, can't find tubulars locally.

with this shitty rainy weather I've only taken it to propsect park for some laps, its super fast and responsive at high speed with that 50t ring you sold me + the 15t cog. but damn its one smooth ride with the combination of SLX tubing and 54x54 size frame. can't wait to get it to the track (I've actually never been to kissena and don't really know the protocols for riding out there, any suggestions on who I should contact?)

hows the Cuevas shapin up btw?

best, at

CyclingWMD said...

Oh man yeah, I'd def take that Merckx over that used DA10 any day of the week! Still a great price on all that stuff. I'm hoping that the chain included will be long enough..

Glad to hear you've had a chance to ride the Merckx a little bit despite the weather. So jealous of that find! 50x15 is pretty gnarly too man. The most I'll ride out in the streets brakeless is 49x16. Oh and BTW, I have a set of mint Conti Sprinters tubulars along with another 49T ring if you're interested..

As for the track, it's bumpy as a mofo so be ready for it. I would just go on the fixed NYC forum to get the details on when the races/training sessions etc are. I know Kissena has a site as well..

I think Cuevas I & II are going to have to wait til I get back from my vacation to be completed. However I did find myself a bunch of nice NOS campy parts to replace most of the missing and or tattered ones. Looking forward to getting them out on the road for sure!

FORrest said...

I have an NOS chain!
Anyone interested?

CyclingWMD said...

Yeah totally dude! Email me at

Anonymous said...

DA 10 pitch group

looks to be brand new

take paypal and will ship at buyers exspense

CyclingWMD said...

Oh damn dude- Send me an email when you get a chance since I have no way of contacting you -

Be sure to mention DA10 in the header!