Monday, June 29, 2009

From the usual to the oohhwwwwhhaaaat?!

All expensive. The first two in need of a bit of love..

This one however, would like to love you by cramming a saddle WAY up your ass- check out that geo!

Awesomely way too big Jack Taylor Tandem:

Thanks Budda!

Nut-tastic Masi:

AWESOME 7' fucking foot tall Raleigh sign:

whuuuuuut theee fuuuck Rossin Vintage TT:

aaaawwweeeesssomest beach cruiser EVER!:

Chicks and Bikes wheeh you at?!

She's got that disgruntled look on her face that makes you want to say: 'Oh just shut up and look pretty for me a second wouldja?'

Where as with this one you might say something like: 'Baaabe, do you think you could do that thing with my cum again tonight?'

aaaand a $1200 bell.. yes, a freaking BELL:



Duppy said...

Nice bikes. Between this post and the rant on that pink bike post, though, you might want to talk to a professional about your lady issues.

DeLa said...

Well I have to disagree, I'd go for the disgruntled blonde anytime. So hot!

CyclingWMD said...

Duppy: It's not so much my former lady issues as others I've heard very similar to my own experience from others. Nevermind the countless amount of auctions I've seen of dudes selling a bike their wives/girlfriends never really rode..

DeLa: Well I didn't really state that I had a preference between the two BUT.. I would DEF have to put (all) my money down on the disgruntled blonde as well. Mostly because she looks like more of a challenge..