Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nice vintage Cinelli Track but..

UPDATE: Thanks to Maththththth and erna for photos to clear up my confusion:

So obviously the one I was questioning below is just missing the little 'C' button decal..

..what is going on with that rear seat stay??

More specifically, it looks like there's a seat binder bolt but also another bolt of some sort to attach the rear stay to the ST. Granted it's a shitty photo at best but I've seen these Cinelli's in person and don't recall seeing one with anything like that going on..



Merenyi said...

that is what makes a Cinelli Cinelli, buddy. Look at any supercorsa or superpista from the 60s to nowadays.
Good luck. Anyway.


So..whats wrong with it?

Maththhththtthththhththth said...

isn't it just a little piece of decoration? if you look at the supercorsas they have a little cinelli c where that 'second bolt' is


erna said...

look at this:


its a plastic cap on both side with the cinelli LOgo on it- just glued on.......