Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Krazy-Funny-RAD SHIT ahm lookin' right now and getting turned on and or off by..

First of all- why, why, why, WHY! Must every sick ass MFing tandem be the wrong size?!!!!

I mean check out the bottom flat areo tubing with the dual down tubes- FRAK-KING GOOOORRRGEOUSSSZZ!!! I would pick that up without even thinking, kind of like everything else I own, if the captain were only a couple of CM smaller! FUCK, I just noticed the dual rear brake! KILLIN' MEEE!!!!

I ALMOST didn't bother posting this up here thinking- 2 1/2 inches over my preferred ride height wouldn't be that bad now would it?? Stupid 27" rims..


A beautiful Nago:

UGLIEST paint job EVAR!

One wickerd bike:

Hotta indeed!

Get your WRFF on!

..or you can just learn how to ride a skateboard and be like 110% less than a complete douchebag

Then there's this:

Which lead me to this on their website:

Yeah, I used to have a poster of one of those hanging up right next to the Lambo..

After seeing that one I knew I had to satisfy my raging car hard-on with something even tastier. Which is when I feasted my hungry eyes on this Nitrous injected 800hp wet freaking dream of a whip:

Nothing would please me more than to beat the living piss out of that fucking thing!

Oh and am I the only one who's jaw dropped at what the ending price for this OG aluminum jammy went for that I mentioned a little while back?

Yeah, I could think of juuuuuuust a few things I'd rather do with nearly 8Gz...

Lastly, I found this site last night and they've got some really, really ridiculous and or gnarly bikes going on..


aaaand GNARLY:

..or vise versa. Take your pick..



Auntie Maim said...

Expect you to buy that Jackson if the price stays down- I'll captain, IDGAF. Also,
as long as you've broached the subject.

CyclingWMD said...

HA! Yeah man, that Jackson really has my name written ALL freaking over it- ESP at that low ass MFing price! DAMMIT!!! But dude, those bikes are reeetarded and I would NEVER ride one! I mean, something about them looks scarier to me than riding a tall bike, hehe..

Auntie Maim said...

Your instincts are correct sir! Try one to feel what roadkill feels like before it becomes that.

CyclingWMD said...

That NoCom one from the site you sent is DEF roadkill central. Shit is MAD low! I'd take a tall over any one of those freaking speedbumps on wheelz..