Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just because you think something would look cool..

..doesn't mean it will be once you build it up:

"track ready rig. Race it, commute on it, stand and pose with will be envied"

Nuff said suhyn! Ahm gone-sta git it nawh!!

Some selling point huh?

Oh and the clincher:

"Obey your inner messenger and get this one while it last."

Leave off the last 'S' for savings!

Oh or better still- shop smart, shop S-Mart!

I honestly would LOVE nothing more than to get my hands on one of these bikes with all the gold shit on it. I'm in dire need of a new blog headline photo STAT!!! But more like the older one. Though in the case of this one something tells me they're just selling it after realizing how freaking lame it looks and are like- Oh I bet some trendy unsuspecting douchetard out there would think it was super radical and totally tubular..



Anonymous said...

Picture it with black rims, seat, tape and chain.

I'm thinking John Player Special.

I'm thinking Reagan-era Lexus in the 'hood.

((lyledriver)) said...

Curious about who makes a black 26.0 quill stem like that... oh wait. Its probably a 25.4 that's been pried open.

I think the Obey frame itself is kind of nice, and its good to see that lots of the owners are selling off the gold crap. Still, hotxcollabos are lame.

CyclingWMD said...

Anonymous - yyyyeeeaaahhhmmmmmaaaayyybNOBLOWITHTEFUCKUP!!!

Lyle - Yeah, the sad thing is that there def is a very decent frame under there screeching to be released of it's ungodly golden bounds. I think if I were to actually get my hands on one I would try my best to keep the temp down to a simmer so as to give the frame new life after burning it at the stake..

crom said...

that quill stem looks like its way past the max height. hipster saboteurs!