Thursday, May 28, 2009


I mean, you can't not love it!

Speaking of Dick Power.. My buddy Luis took me out for some deenerr (dinner via spanish accent) for my my bday (Tuesday) to Barberry (formerly Zippe Zappe (( same owners)) ) and I have to say, there's nothing like a sizzling wrought iron skillet full of 7 different kinds of roast beast to replenish a shriveled nutsack after hard nights werk..

Not to say that has any bearing on reality of course but whenever I nosh on some super gnarly viddles like that I feel as though I could blast out one of those huge fake loads for reals..

BTW, can someone please explain what the allure is of shit like that is?! Those along with ass to mouth, cum swapping and gaping anal videos just boggle my mind with how unconscionably disgusting they are. Nevermind the level of grievousness they project towards women. Not to say that I'm not occasionaly guilty of the same thing, but that is some seriously BEYOND next level shit man!



Anonymous said...

Well if the guys who come up with that stuff weren't such juveniles in the first place...but hey, the frat market is expanding ya know!

Anonymous said...

Actually, you oughtta use that for an avatar, and start rating the bikes. Five HFLs for a real superpista!

ant1 said...

congrats dude:
I hadn't noticed the waterbottles. nice touch.

CyclingWMD said...

hehe, thanks man- I just posted it!