Friday, May 29, 2009

Brooklyn Bike Jumble and Top 20 FREAKIEST!

For those of you in the area I HIGHLY suggest you make it a point to attend the first annual Brooklyn Bike Jumble this Sunday. It's going to be a bike swap/show of sorts which should be interesting. Not only can you score some undoubtedly great deals on killer bike swag, but there's going to be a competition of sorts for various bicycle porn. From what I hear the categories are:

Best In Show
Most NY bike
Best as-found
Best Restoration

Should be pretty bitchin'! I hear the fellas from Via Bicycle out of Philly will be on hand as well- awesome!

I think people are bringing their bike collections out in force. Which makes me want to do the same but I'm not sure if it's going to happen. That and I really want to take a lot of photos to show all ya'll mofoz..


The Mutandem made it into matadorlife's

'Photo Essay: 20 of the Freakiest Custom Bikes on the Road'

Check out my dumbass on the front fuckin' page!!!

Thanks again to Morgan for dealing with my redonkulous camera when I axed him to take a snap for me! and to Lyle for referring Matador to the whereabouts of the Mutandem!!

Anyways, you should def take a look cause there's some other really great WTF?! type whips in there :-D

UPDATE: Holy Fuck! I'm on treehugger too!! <:-0



ant1 said...

Congrats dude. You've gone big time now.

CyclingWMD said...

Heh, yeah, I've gone from being a lowly dumbass, to being a more widely known dumbass- AWESOME!