Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bicycle Fetish Day! ..and other shit you probably won't give two frak's about

I started Saturday off by going to my nephews communion which was interesting to say the least.. Probably one of those things I could easily go overboard in discussing but DEF fraking won't.. Wait, yes I do! So I mean what in the f- wait.. no I don't.. WOW I really don't!!

ANYways it was some pretty fun family time at my sister's place afterwards that took quite a bit of effort to pull myself away from. When I finally was able to knew that if I didn't hustle I wouldn't get there in time or be caught up in some wicked hellacious traffic. I'm probably the only person who showed up to BFD who'd done about mach 2 on the way there BUT.. I got there at like 3pm which wasn't bad at all. Most of the people I talked to (which was WAY too many for my comfort level BTW) all said that they just got there as well. Though I def would've liked to have gotten there sooner cause by the time I did it was CROWDED as a motherfraker! It was at least double as many people as last years BFD easily! Which made photographing certain bikes a bit of a PITA. That and there was so much coverage going on. I feel like I saw more cameras and iPhones than bikes! Enough with the bullshitting tho- Pics now:






There was also Live music:

and synchronized dancing:

Though I'm still not used to the fact that my camera has HD video recording. I'll be sitting there thinking- oh this would be awsome to recor-DUH DUMBASS, shit's built in! Hence things only getting half recorded a lot of times..

BTW, not sure if you noticed how unconscionably TALL the amazonian chick playing the sax was in that video, but she really is something else. I'm 6' 1" which isn't bad, but she easily towered WAY over me by like 6-7 inches AT LEAST. You could climb around and hang off that one like a gods damn jungle gym! Ha, here's a pic of her behind Lyle and I's bikes that I just spotted on Gothamist.. Kinda sorta but not really gives you a bit more perspective..

Buuuuuuut.. as far as bike go, I wholeheartedly approve of this build:

With the exception of the saddle, post and rear tire. NOW FIX THAT SHIT STAT!!!

Dom's NOM-NOM-cusTOM-specTROM:

Did you say you got that front HED wheel for $40 bones you lucky fuck?!

This bike was SO RAD I could barely stand it! It later won for best in show..

I was also super stoked because Lyle won for best "What's the point? bike" for his tall time trial bike he built:

Alas, the Mutandem unfortunately did not take home any frilly ribbons. Due in part to the fact that they didn't want to place people who'd won last year. That way it would give others a chance in the spotlight. I'm sure if it was a more serious competition people would call bull shit but it's totally just like the most super laid back family and friends type fun event ever. It doesn't really matter who wins cause everyone's just super stoked to be there and have a good time..

More via my flickr set..

Afterwards I went on a ride with some friends to the Greenpoint dump to throw rocks at bottles etc.. Here's a snap Stas took of Belinda and I cruising along:

I have to say that the Mutandem is totally awesome for lackadaisical cruising around on relatively flat surfaces. Def need to make some more mods to it soon though! That is if I don't kill myself first for looking like the biggest douche on the face of the planet while riding it..

Then of all things I was talked into going to this bar called Legion and hung out for several hours while being peer pressured into consuming alcohol beverages of all things. It took a couple of hours but I eventually gave in for giving in's sake. If I haven't already made it painstakingly obvious that I don't drink, well.. I don't. Why..? because for whatever reason some I was blessed by the heavens above with something called being a 'Super Taster'. Yeah, I know it sounds stupid BUT.. it's true.. and for this I was endowed with the unique ability of being completely disgusted by any and all things with an alcohol base.. Please note the very first item on the top of the 'Problem Foods' section...

The highlight of my time at Legion was when my friend Leslie told us this story about some Hollywood producer a friend of hers knew who used to cut the crotches out of various womens' jeans. When we all speculated about why he was doing with them we began to think back to Silence of the lambs and the whole skin suit thing. Some of them conjured images of sweaters and scarves but it was my suggestion of a swine flu mask that brought looks of great disdain and joviality all at the same moment.. Why drink alcohol when you can foster simultaneous love and loathing while sober?!

Instead of enjoying the good nights sleep that I was SO looking forward to, I found myself having disturbingly lucid dreams. Namely being held in a prison that I was able to come and go from at the same time- DON'T START WITH THAT ANALYZATION SHIT EITHER.. I've got enough of those marbles running around in my head as it is!

The next day I drove back up that same stretch of highway, though not quite as fast this time, as the day before to enjoy the fam yet again for mothers day.

aaannnnnnd like any good son, I kept myself busy in the driveway by changing my oil:

Old oil BAD! New Royal Purple goooood!!

Oh and what do ya know my little niece took off her training wheels for the first time today!

See, wasn't that worth that whole boring lead up?! Okay, fine- don't answer..

She's turning 4 the 26th of this month which also happens to be the same day I turn 33.. Well, not that anyone really gives a shit about me anymore since there's an adorable little girl to fawn over now. Which of course totally fine seeing as how the fawning over me stopped loooooooooong ago, hehe.. ug..

In other news this video these kinda sorta completely SLAYED ME:

TRUST ME, just stick with it til the part where Katie Couric comes on I SWEAR it's AMAZING!

This one with Obama is pretty fraking amazing too:

Now if that didn't slay you enough and you haven't seen these already, check em' out:

That's just a compilation I made of all my favz..

You can watch the rest on auto play via youtube..

I remember when Fensler was first doing those about 5-6 years ago we could not stop quoting them in nearly EVERY. SINGLE. SENTENCE. Shit we still quote them to this day! That and waiting for him to make new ones was met with nearly the same anticipation as each episode of Battlestar Galactica- NO JOKE! Okay that def is a joke because I didn't feel the same dark and infinite void in my life then as I do now with BSG having come to an end.. WHEN IN FRAKS NAME CAN I DOWNLOAD THE NEXT EPISODE OF CAPRICA???????????????



Andrew said...

Nice bikes and what not, but my fetish for killer legs (torn up fishnet stocking girl) overrides my fetish for bicycles.

Aaron said...

Awesome, we share birthdays. I am hitting the last year of my twenties this year.