Monday, April 6, 2009

Lyle's new Tall bike COMPLETED!

Well, for the most part anyways. I think he wants to mess around with a couple of small details still. In any case, here's some footie I shot real quick for his inaugural ride:

More pics and info coming soon!



Metrofiets said...


Anonymous said...

Love it. Seems a bit more original than most other tall bikes I've seen; not that I'm a tall bike connoisseur or anything, but this is great.

libertyonbikes! said...

usually they're stacked.
and i guess it's just configuring
triangles, but that's REALLY cool.
looks more stretched out wb.
hows the flex with the steerer tube?
wide turns?

CyclingWMD said...

Thanks everybody! Big ups to Lyle for completing this sowwwn' bitch!

libertyonbikes! - Here's some info straight from the man himself:

The steerer tube is almost as heavy as the frame itself. The HT gusset is a 1/4 section of 3" exhaust tubing clamped into an aero shape.
Going downhill and hammering the front brake only results in about 1cm of movement at the front axle, which seems pretty good to me

The bike is really stable, and feels really fast. Its got a 120cm wheelbase, and weighs 27.2lbs.

8 speed gearing ranges from 53-114 gear inches.

I cannot wait to go roadie hunting on it!

Kacper said...

thats hell of a beard you have...