Tuesday, March 24, 2009

You may not like what this dude has to say...

...but you can't tell me there isn't a bit of brilliance in his words:

I just fucking DIED reading that shit!

Sorry I haven't had much to share as of late. Still been super retardedly busy working on stuff and attempting to clean up my shit show of a shop. I'm hoping to have some photos to share VERY fucking soon..

Ebay has been pretty slim pickin's. I mean, there's always good shit on there but nothing has jumped out at me lately.. Okay, so there is this, this, this and you should defineatly bid and buy this:

I know, I was super stoked to get em but I decided to go with another group set due to some other stuff I already have and what I plan on buying from friends..

In other boring news, I went for an quick exploratory ride around Brooklyn with my friend Lady J. It was def a super fun ride through the wastelands of East Williamsburg and beyond.. Though for some reason I only took one measly photo..

God what a shitty post huh?? Well just you-


Wow I tooootally forgot about this until I just spotted the photos on my flickr looking for something else. I came up with an interesting way to make dropouts from some square box tubing I got at Home Depot:

Sorry, I totally don't feel like going any farther in describing the process other than my shitty chicken scratch stylus pen marks I put in there...

Anyways, just something I came up with while experimenting with various ideas that pretty much turned out to be vicious debacle BUT.. If you're looking to make a front rack or something it's not a bad way to go for a DIY build..

Okay, well hopefully that made this post slightly more amusing.. More to come soon!!!



Anonymous said...


you fucking retard.

CyclingWMD said...

Uh yeah, like I said- I was EXPERIMENTING. If I wanted premade dropouts I would've spent the $6+ shipping and waited a week for them. I however was looking to see what I could make myself with the materials at hand in under 30min. Also, my DIY dropouts are 3mm wide. The ones you suggested are 9.3mm. I wanted to be able to slip my dropouts onto an axle without having to replace the it with a longer one. These are for a rack, not a set of forks! Who's the fucking retard now- hmm?

pigpenguin said...

HAHAHAHAHA Anonymous your "fucking retarded" and cant seem to come up with a retort.