Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Okay, so I'm going to take a break...

..from my usual hatorade fueled cuntitude and pose the question:

Take a good look over all the photos. Read the description carefully. Tell me what you honest thoughts are on all things right and or wrong with it. Try to be calm cool and concise with your response..

BONUS QUESTION: If you had $3,300 to spend on quite possibly the coolest fixie/commuter bike possible, what would it be? Give me a basic run down of frame/wheels/group/acc..

Best response gets a PRIZE!



William Wickey said...

Bianchi Superleggera? Steel is the way to go

1" Wound Up Fork $ 375.00 helps dampen the vibration

Moots Titanium Stem $365, durable but unnecessary

KMC Chain $15, strongest chain in the industry, best addition to the bike

1" Wound Up Fork $ 375.00

Wheel Builder DT Swiss? wheels (front $300, rear $450) fast but rough on the commute

Tektro Reverse Brake Lever RX 5.0 $50

Moots Tailgator $50, practical

Bull horn Bars (Carbon i hope) best choice for commute $65

All around I like it. It's sleek. A lot of love went into this one.


Surly Steamroller $720 Stock

Steel U-lock $25

Simple backpack to store your $2555 in left over 1 dollar bills

Burt Friggin' Hoovis said...

Why the fuck would you spend $3300 on a commuter bike...?

A commuter bike is made from a frame you get cheap or free, then built up with the extra shit lying around your garage. Pimped out commuters are like pro-street Chevy Vegas.

Ever see the kinds of guys that drive tricked out Vegas...?


Jimi said...

Lovely parts, but not together. Aesthetically and functionally it seems a bit odd.
The frame is beautiful but the forks are owed to a modern Aluminium bike.
Its a road race frame, set up probably for commuting on a fixed/single speed.
It has a touring style set-up of brown leather and saddle bags spliced with TT style bars and brakes, even titanium parts I think suited to mountain bikes. Its either very confused or the builder just doesnt care about the period or genre(road race,mtb,track, commuter etc) of parts applied.

It does everything but not as they were designed. Realistically it does everything a Langster does, plus it pretty much destroys how amazing that road frame should look.

I can't see the auction but if your comment suggests that it is being sold for $3300 then the seller/builder is a total fuckwit. Its a build that suits one person only(the one that built it) and all the parts would be worth more to others in different bikes.

I dont think many people would buy this for more than £500 in the UK, and mainly just to get hold of the frame and sell the other parts. I'd be asking if they still had the original forks too.


Anonymous said...

Masi Coltello Frame, Basic Wheels,Mavic Open Pro with Campagnolo hubs of some sort, Campagnolo Group, Vintage Cinelli Bar/Stem, Cinelli Unicanitor Saddle.

Morten Beta said...

I have seen this setup lots of times in Copenhagen (DK), and seen people ram stuff not being able to stop, dunno what kind of pills people pop... Roadframe A freewheel and only a front brake!? If people want to look cool, hipster like, and kill them selves and-/or others in the traffic, at the same time!? Then I guess this is the way to go. Nice touch with the bag though, maybe it contains a medical kit...

Chocobot said...

This bike is a piece of shit and cannot be lock up outside and that is my calm and collected response to this monstrosity.


Rivendell with an "on the low" paint job as much phil wood as possible and wooden rims.

blueeffusion said...

The more I look at the bike, the more I think of a guy having a sweet frame and wanting to upgrade it with the best parts he could buy, but with no sense of what "best" means to functional context and his own actual riding needs.
At least you can tell that he loves his bike, right?

The thing I don't get is with all that money already flailing about, why did he keep the vintage record crank? Every bike shop has a broken one on display somewhere, so it wouldn't fit with the owner's view of durable.

Bonus: For that kind of money, I'd go with one of those velo orange porteur/city bikes with a slick chainguard and spend the leftover on a tweed suit and a monocle.

dre said...

wow. what a waste of money for something so mediocre. i see pista concepts, fully built up for less than this. hope he gets everything he wants, i guess..

Anonymous said...

This rig only makes sense to the seller; anyone else would have to work realy hard at forging a meaningful relationship.

It would be worth more if it came with the original fork. The current fork does not do justice to the frame.

The more I look at it, the sadder I feel.

Where's the pedals?

Jimi said...

haha I just read the ebay ad......he never even rode it! AAAAAARRGH

says it all really.

Chris_CHCH said...

The bag on the back is obviously there so that the rider can fill it with weights to counter act a nasty scorpion grind when the single front brake is applied with too much gusto. Either that, or the bag actually contains the rear brake.....a boat anchor on a short chain perhaps?

A J R said...

A free wheel and a saddle bag the size of a sleeping bag... enough said really.

$3k on a bike... I would probably have to hunt down an old merckx and see what kinda change I had left over... the frame in itself would be a sound investment and from there I would be trying for a set of nuovo record cranks, cinneli bars and stem, an 80's flight saddle and probably run out of cash... next get a second job working nights and start saving hard for a some wheels so I didn't go crazy seeing the poor merckx sitting there not being appreciated.

((lyledriver)) said...

Sigh. I agree with the first comment that the KMC 710 chain is the best thing on this bike.

I guess my 'ultimate commuter' would have a Reynolds 520 steel frame, steep geometry with BARELY enough room to fit fenders (so long as they're slammed).. some kind of lightweight front wheel, and super heavy duty rear fixed wheel.. either a thomson or control tech post, a flite saddle, stiff square taper cranks, and.. uhh. yeah I'm describing my bike.