Friday, March 27, 2009

JEG3 wheel, Phil Wood SLR's for sale and CWMD swag..?

The Dark Concept now sponsored by JEEEEEGGSSS!!!

Well maybe not but where the fuck else do expect me to get my synthetics?

When I saw the stickers in the box I got I was like- oh ffffFUCK YEA! The funny thing is that these stupid Jegs stickers are the first and only sticker I've ever had the desire to put on my bike, hehe.. So awesome! I'm gonna get a Jersey from them next..

Here we have a lovely set of SLR option Phil Wood Hubs laced to Deep V's in AWESOME condition I'm selling right now:

The hubs MIGHT have 300 miles on them MAX.. Rims and tires have much less. Closer to 100 miles.. Looking for $400 hundy even for the wheels, tubes, tires and PW lock ring.. I have a yellow KMC chain I can toss in there too if you want. More pics on my flickr page. If you're interested let me know: Add another $25 for shipping if you're no where near the NYC Dirty Jerz area..

I'll be posting a bunch more junk this coming week on the bay to help fund the purchase of yet ANOTHER steed I'm going to be adding to the stable in the weeks to come.. Fuck man.. I DESPERATLY need the shit slapped out me like STAT!!!

Anyways.. after getting a bunch of comments and suggestions from the previous post about making up some CWMD swag I've decided to put that on the list of things to come. The posters are indeed free for me to make but I mean, come on.. I've got to make a few bucks off em! They're fucking HUGE 24" x 29" + artist prints!! Stickers maybe.. But that would be like a free thing I would think.. SHIRTS and other apparel would indeed be awesome! I'm going to look into that and pick various people's brains on the subject. I figure I'll come up with some more ideas on what kind of logo's etc to do, toss a few versions up here and put it to a vote/critique from all of you. I really have no interest in putting anything out there that ya'll wouldn't be totally stoked on. Any suggestions and or tips are of course much appreciated!

UPDATE: I just got word that Ben's Cycle has got some major discounts on Helmets! If you don't have one already stop being a fucking retard and just get one..


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morgman said...

Looks more like JEG5 wheel to me!