Friday, February 27, 2009

Two Japanese Jammies!

First off is this relatively decent priced Nagasawa:

Mid 80's frame.. pretty meh build.. Lotta bike for a g tho! If it was my size I would sell most of the group off and have it resprayed a wacky color with new decals. That or just SPRAY PAINT IT ALL BLACK and use it as a locker, mwahahaha!

..aaaand this lovely looking Makino:

Not so moderately priced..



joaquin said...

thing is ... i don't really want to sell my naga, but i hardly ever use it and could do with the money... so, if anyone's interested...

Anonymous said...

That second bike has been on the Atlanta craigslist for months.

It's a nice look at. It's only worth $1700 to the guy that's selling it. I think he wanted $2000 a while back.

Nobody cares about tubulars. Anyone interested in tubulars is probably racing and would spend that $2000 on something along the lines of a Fuji Track Comp/Pro or Felt TK2 (plus upgrades) and get much more bike and a warranty for the money.

Nobody cares about NJS. The only dudes that care about NJS are racing in Japan.

It's color is meh.