Sunday, January 11, 2009

Not one but TWO nasty nagoz and an undie soilingly sexy 3Rensho!!!

I'm in love with that front fuckin' wheel!

I'm in love with that rear triangle and built in 'fender'!!!

TOTALLY lovin' the rear wheel on this beast!

What is about Sugino 75 gear that makes me willing to give up organs for?!

..and 8-10,000 for a Huffy? Really?!




Seller has to be an idiot though.

Fix Memphis said...

I dunno... looks like he has plenty of other steeds in the stable.

That Huffy was probably made by someone else, like how they did the Team 7-11/True Temper/Serotta/Andy Hampsten bikes.

Anonymous said...

for sure, no way this guy assembled the collection himself

Auntie Maim said...

Five figure bikes w/vague descriptions and penny pictures. He wants to deal out the Bay. Someone see what he'll really take for them.

Anonymous said...

and of course those bikes have never been ridden... -_-

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much he had to cough up to post those $10K auctions. The collector may not be an idiot, but the seller fucking descriptions of this rare shit...really?