Saturday, January 24, 2009

Christ man, who DIDN'T put their name on an ALAN frame???

Seriously though, a Colnago Carbitubo?!!

That reminds me.. I need to photograph mine one of these days...



Anonymous said...

colnago carbitubo is one of the first carbon frame, colnago did the twin tube design, alan put the experience on the alluminum lugs, and ferrari did the carbon tube, the road frame of colnago carbitubo was a winner in some competition in the giro d'italia, so i think is not just an alan frame with the stickers of colnago, is a team work of the best italian factory.
carbitubo can be considered a revolution of bicycle, with the first straight fork. tell me if i wrote something wrong, but i believe that if you see the signature or ernesto colnago on a frame there is a reason

CyclingWMD said...

Oh damn man, I had no idea about all that- Thanks a lot for the extra background info!