Thursday, January 8, 2009

Best of Fixed Gear Gallery Nominees for 08'

I just wanted to throw these four bike numbers out there as top contenders:




and 6,570

Yes.. I'm that asshole who casts more than one ballot for himself...

Others I really enjoyed are:





7,223 - BEST fucking girls bike EVERRRR!!!


7,238 - WTF???





7,633 - Barfed in my mouth a little..

7,669 - Whaaa?!





8,144 - My pick for most grievous..


8,163 - Best wooden contraption..

8,320 - Best pseudo LES hipster goof troop..

8,357 - Best I got way too fucked up, built a bike, yet have no recollection of actually doing it..

8,604 - Best Tall tarck..


So I'm pretty positive I missed an assload of other great bikes. Please feel free to let me know which are your favs! Just keep in mind I don't want to see any fucking flat bars and especially NO conversions- NO, AHP.. SHH! JUST, DON'T- K PLZ THX!!


So I just went through looking for some post worthy Paramounts and spotted quite possibly the sexiest one over:


Only in my wettest of wet dreams will I ever own that frame.. Dude lives at the Jersey Shore and I've seen him post various super tasty whips.. I may have to make his acquaintance.. or at least find out when he's away on vacation, mwahahaha!

7,453 - I'm sorry but if I lived in Waikiki I would not have a problem owning a bike like this...

7856 and 7890? Okay, so the bike is pretty meh but that first picture made me LOL a bit...

7,932 - and one sexy Mercian...



Dust said...

Excluding your hoe hum "collection".
I have to say 7669, as seeing this bike in the flesh it looks even cooler, theres history in that aero ride! Then 7223 Don Walkers kids bike is so mint, the double down tube and I still can't see how the seat post is adjusted!! Imagine having that as a kid!!! And to round out the top 3 that gold Nag is how it should be done for "NJS" ish street bike - smooth!

Anonymous said...

I like your collection, but my vote goes with 7,489. That Yamaguchi is amazing, I remember when it was first posted thinking it was one of the best "if" not the best on the site.

Anonymous said...

you def shit on my old bike, lol

CyclingWMD said...

Sorry I shat on your old bike man! Whichever one it was. But if you makes you feel any better I'm just a big asshole and shouldn't be taken too seriously...

Tristan L said...

7856,the 564 might be an early aluminum roadie but I've owned one of them and they have gorgeous sculpted stays. That red paint is the closest to 'arrest me' I've ever seen on an 'average' bike. Oh they're built well too.