Sunday, December 7, 2008

These are just about the sexiest forks/brakes...




man,i remember a pic of these on some ol d issue of bmx action,so fucken dope looking brakes....

((lyledriver)) said...

You mean sexiest brakes ever!

The fork leg 'trick' peg thing is wayyyy out, however vintage rollercam brakes are the hotness.

I seriously want to run one on the back of my BMX. A bit tricky because I would have to build a linkage to get around the seat tube though.

With my old 990s I built just such a piece with aluminum stock and spokes:

This allowed for ridiculous mechanical advantage, at the expense of having to keep a true rear wheel, and having to inflate the tire after installing the wheel.

I've since moved to a much lighter setup with Fly forged/CNCed arms and salmon Koolstop phat pads. However, the confidence that my backtire will be LOCKED when tail tapping shit isn't quite there. It works 'well enough' mind you... and doesn't rattle around like that linkage did.

Oh man. You just made me want to retune my brakes. Or maybe I did. I could talk about brakes for a long time.