Tuesday, December 9, 2008

OT: Hallo Berlin German food cart in Midtown!

So I've been going to this place for years but since I started working over on 38th I can't go as often. Which probably isn't all bad since this shit is wicked nasty for you. BUT JUST LOOK AT IT- SO FREAKING GOOD!!! It's like eating an orgasm or some shit!

Bumped into Alex on the way back to the office. Felt like a bit of a douche since I was delivering lunch to myself and co-workers meanwhile he was delivering real packages..

Anyways, for those of you in the city or planning on visiting, go to the corner of 54th and 5th ave. Look for the long line coming from the Yellow Lufthansa Umbrellas and prepare to wait a while. I usually go around 1:30-2ish to avoid the lunch crowd. BUT.. I was just looking and I knew they had a place over on 10th ave but now there's another place over on 50th st too!

Shit. will. DEEEEESTROY you!!!

and yes.. I've reached a new personal low. Blogging about my fucking lunch...



Anonymous said...

How the hell did you feel like a douche? I just assumed you were gettin tasty food and riding your bike on ur lunch break.


logan said...

I keep looking at the picture of the food and feeling sad that there is nowhere to get that here. I hope that in real life blue cheese is somehow involved in that fried deliciousness. You torture me with your pictures of food.