Saturday, December 27, 2008

Holiday Jeers and cheers!

So I pretty much hate the holidays. This one was even more of a bummer because I had all these great ideas of ridiculously stupid shit to do but I was SO freaking busy from the last week of work that it just put me in a foul pissy mood. So instead you just get the usual rigmarole of amusing antics and porn I've seen around the interwebz over the last few days:

The helmet is a nice touch:

This one SLAYED me:

and so did this fucking thing from Ollie:

and the latest post from Morgan over at Project B had me giggling this morn:

'Manual to face wash'- ahahaha!

I would love to own a house like this one day! Though it would be more skate-able than BMX-able. And oh man the in ground tramp just destroyed me!

Thanks Lyle!

...and last but not least, a few tasty tid bits from the bay:

Bilenky w/couplers!

Brutally BAD fucking ASS Merckx:

Not quite so sexy Kalavinka that I'm only mentioning because they're my like wet dream when it comes to NJS frames. If this was a 56cm with some crazy sparkly purple or something paint job I'd be all over it...

Auntie's actually got this sexy Nagie that would totally fit me but I've got to find someone to take the gold group off my hands first:

How much $$$ would I have to throw at you for me to be able to soil and scratch that thing up man???

For those interested in the group:

Here's what's different: Sugino 75 gold 165mm crankset and gold 48T ring, Hatta 9400 BB, EAI Gold Medal Pro 16T cog Izumi Model V Super Toughness chain, gold spokes and icy whites on the Dura-Aced, stickerless V's. Kashimax TT protector. Also have new MKS RX-1 gold pedals, new ivory Kashimax Super Sprint Five Gold straps, new Cinelli gold clips.

Any takers?? Email me at:

Also, I am currently in the market for a 56cm CTC boxed steel frame to replace my current locker frame. BUT.. it's got to be something RADICAL.. Doesn't need to be pretty, just a really nice tight frame. Perhaps something NJS.. Otherwise I may just go with a custom jammy.. Let me know at the above email addy if any of you wankers happen upon something interesting...


Check out what the mailman just brought me:

A lovely set of vintage Zeus Pista cranks! I got these from a reader who acquired them along with a Zeus track bike. I'd been wanting to find some old Zeus gear for my Cuevas build and the cranks are def the hardest to find. He had some wheels but I've already got a nice set built already so I passed on em. The bike is actually all built up but I've been wanting to have it repainted properly before photographing it. Only problem now is finding the misplaced Cuevas decals I bought a while back...



Anonymous said...

did u c this beauty?

CyclingWMD said...

I didn't actually, thanks!

VALKOR said...

That bike "ollie" made is crazy as as shit. hecthins on acid. So many curves.....

Jon "Bike Parts King" Carter said...

That video was freakin hilarious! That looks like it is here in Utah.