Tuesday, November 25, 2008

London Fixed Gear Forum shirts!

The Philinator was nice enough to bring me back a couple of shirts from London:

You gotta love the rearview mirror 'what a cunt' one!

Thanks a lot Phil you phancy phuck!

Since we're on the topic of shirts check out the difference between my old Metallica ...And Justice for All shirt I've been wearing since I was like 14 and the NOS one I got last year off ebay:

The one thing you def can't gauge from the photos is the near transparancey of the old one. Never mind all the tears..

BTW.. For those of you who aren't aware, ...And Justice for All was THE LAST viable Metallica Album. The ONLY reason for this is because Cliff Burton had written half of the songs before he died. Once he died.. The band officially died.. You would do well to avoid arguing this point with me because I'll totally bust out some ninja throwing stars and whip em' at your face!

So at this point I was just going to hit the publish button but then I thought it might be awesome to photograph some of my other rad old Metal shirts that I've had for fucking ever...

Another Metallica shirt from the same 'Justice' tour:

Metal up Your Ass was actually the bands original title for their debute Album but Elektra killed it for obvious reasons and they went with Kill em' All instead. Thankfully, they still made the shirts:

Megadeth's Rust in Peace tour shirt. That raddest part of which was for the first few years I owned it the back would actually glow from that green light absorbing stuff:

This is the only slayer shirt I could find that didn't have a MASSIVE photo etc on the front. More of a recent purchase too. I used to have a few more but they got lost in some luggage during one summer trip...

I totally used to get mocked out for this one in high school but it never prevented me from wearing it anyways:

Quite possibly my favorite one is this Misfits shirt my old buddy Jon gave me a while back because it was too big for him at the time. I totally cut the sleeves off and did a lot of shredding and partying in this one. Hence all the holes...

Well, now that I've gotten that out of my system I promise I'll get back on topic shortly. I've got some 'junk' I'm going to post up on the bay soon me thinks...


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David J said...

Hey there's a lot of history in those shirts. And I now I know I'm not the only one tho takes photos of his old T shirts...