Thursday, October 30, 2008

So babes on bikes are pretty much the best thing everrrrrrrrr!

I found this flickr set earlier and have been wagging my tongue at it for like an hour. Here are some of my faves:



and I want you to kick the shit out of me and stomp my balls...

I mean COME. ON.. Seriously, that last one looks like she'd eat you alive!!

Anyways, sorry ladies but I love you all and can't help but enjoy the sight of those on the roll. Maybe you'll get to see some dudes up here if I start profiling people. Which most likely will never happen cause who in their right mind would want to be on here anyways right?..

This of course is all just a precursor to me throwing out the fact that I've been back with all the other miserable single people stuck in the dating world and would love to go out on some bike dates. How's that for sad and pathetic???



Anonymous said...

Lighten up. Ask the 3rd gal out.

bronxbound said...

I can say only three words for the last one WOW WOW WOW

andrew said...

girls like this do not exist.

Anonymous said...

She goes by "Calu" and tends bar down the street from my home. I was entranced the first time I ever saw her everything she does is sexy. oh and she's a burlesque dancer. Atlanta ain't so bad.

Rachel said...

hey now, don't cave in and don't give up. i love the man i'm with b/c he thinks my tattoos are sexy, he thinks my abs are "cute" and he'd rather bike with me than drive. our first date was rock climbing and i'm pretty sure that all of our best days since then have involved bikes.

sexy girls on 2 wheels do exist.
and as soon as you get over the fact that we're as sweaty as you you'll realize that we're the best girls you'll ever date.

Anonymous said...

that tattooed chick is definitely hot!!