Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Reader submission #1 - FINALLY...

I posted a 'Cream of the Crop' header on my side bar a while back for those of you who want to show off your ssssSICK whips. Here's my first qualifying submission from Jeff of Austin, TX:

Oddly enough he said I had mentioned the frame auction on here a while back. Oh and no comments on how the stem is just a taaaad bit high. To each his own...


Ideale 90CR Speciale Competion saddle
Nitto 83 seatpost
Nitto Noodlebar, 42cm and Technomic stem
Brooks bar wrap w/Soma plugs
Mafac Racer Brakes w/Toei straddle carrier from Jitensha
Simplex retro-friction shifters
Simplex Super LJ front derailleur
Huret Duopar rear derailleur
Maxi-Car 36 hole bolt-on hubs, 126 rear spacing (I carry a special 13mm/17mm cone wrench to change flats)
Velocity Dyad rims (kept the stickers on since they match the color scheme)
Ruffy Tuffy’s 700c x 30mm
TA Pro 5 vis cranks, 48/34
Shimano Ultegra pedals (I’ve got TA pedals, but finally went clipless last Spring)
Suntour Winner 7 speed freewheel 13,14,16,18, 21,26,32
Phil Wood bottom bracket
TA front rack and bar mounted bottle cage
Nitto type R cage on down tube
The frame came with a Shimano track headset installed, otherwise I’d have gone Chris King.

Thanks a lot Jeff! That is one BITCHIN' ride ya got there. Now lower that fucking stem already would ya?

As for the rest of you.. The fuck are you waiting for? Get to it!!



((lyledriver)) said...

man. lay off the guy. Clearly he's got spina bifida or something, otherwise he wouldn't have bought a Technomic.

I'll bet this bicycle shifting sounds like my dreams.

Anonymous said...

I can comment from some experiance. Back a little while ago the drops of the handle bars were you would spend most of your time while ridin hard. not until the last few years were the brake levers the the position for work. so for someone of extreme oldskool would you allow your stem and bars the rider wants to do work but cannot do it if the bars are too low.

CyclingWMD said...

((lyledriver)) - Sorry but I couldn't resist busting his balls a little, hehe. But yeah, that thing must sound and ride so nice...