Monday, September 15, 2008

How is it that a front and rear derailleur are worth $1400???

I mean, I get that they're rare and stuff but still:

Then again, when people are STUPID enough to spend $870 on a Pista concept why not?



Giuseppe said...

does it move the chain for you? will it not get caked in grease with use like any other deraileur? If you get caught in gang related crossfire in a rough part of town while cycling, will it not only protect you in a force field but also end the shooting and make peace between the rival gangs?

seriously, what does it do that's $1400 dollars worth of special?

Anonymous said...

I don't know the explanation in response to your question - especially since my own experience with the one (rear) I used to have confirmed the nearly universal opinion that they suck performance-wise, but at least I was able to sell mine for $480. Very good profit on a very disappointing product!

beardsarefun said...

i was going to say... they were kinda a joke even when they were new and even more so now. Every matchy-matchy dork wanted one and why? Wow, a fully rebuildable, poor performing, over priced anodized turd. Does it come with free Spinergy's as well?

Alex D said...

for some reason i found the moots seatpost more interesting than this rare derailer, so yeah, seems not to be worth the bucks he wants for it. ;)

Rallekcm said...

Well is it not obvious? The stamp on the box says "Rasta" and it has a peace sign on it. This is most assuredly "street" for being a worthless peice of junk that come packed in a brick of hashish